Pamplona Flat, Raul Montero Martinez, Spain

Technical Datasheet
Product: Viroc Grey
Application: Wall Covering
Architecture: Raul Montero Martínez
Photography: Cristina Núñez Baquedano
Location: Spain

The purpose of this project by Spanish architect Raul Montero Martínez was to refurbish a small flat in the historic centre of Pamplona in Spain.

The strategy was to release as much space as possible, make better use of the natural lighting, and make the flat more functional and dynamic through the use of hidden and fold-away modules that could be altered to suit requirements, such as working or sleeping.

It was decided to use a limited range of materials for the apartment. Grey Viroc panels were fitted vertically to form the dynamic modules, timber predominates on the floor and ceilings, some of the original beams having been refurbished, and the original brick wall has been left exposed, to emphasize features of the original construction.

According to the architect, Raul Montero Martínez, “the result is spectacular. The owner was very pleased and really likes the use of Viroc in his flat”.

This small flat has become a unique, functional space that can be altered according to needs, the use to which it is put, and even one’s mood.